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Conquer a Procedurally Generated Universe

Conquer an entirely procedurally generated, completely random, endlessly expanding universe, from fleets of starships to battalions of armored vehicles, and infantry. Realistic Scale, with Land, Sea, Air, and Space combat fully simulated to scale. With over 5000 different units with their own stats to command, control, and conquer over the cosmos, based on actual astronomical principles and based on interviews with alien abductees.

Master the Hostile Reaches of Space

Take control of an interstellar civilization tens of thousands of years after mankind has left the Milky Way Galaxy, and spread across the stars, to conquer all life, and explore a realistic cosmos complete with real-world astronomical phenomenon, like Pulsars, Neutron Stars, Black Holes (Supermassive and Planetary), Nebulae, Globular Clusters, each with their own planetary systems to establish bases and train armies upon to control the cosmos!

Based on Real Accounts of Extraterrestrial Contact

Based on a number of interviews with alien abductees, former government contractors and employees, personal testimony from a number of sources and second-hand contact with actual extraterrestrial life, who gave us their personal blessing in making this game a reality. Based on communications with "Real" Aliens.